Condiments and cutlery are a necessity when dining outdoors but making multiple trips to carry items out can be a pain. There is nothing like dining outdoors in the great outdoors and enjoying some delicious BBQ. Although dining outdoors has its appeal, it is not the most convenient area to eat. We are used to having our entire kitchen at our disposal when dining in our homes but it’s impossible to bring everything outdoors. So what is the comprise? Pick and choose things that you absolutely need in every BBQ outdoor dining setting and place them all inside a DIY condiment caddy.

These fun, easy DIY condiment caddies are the perfect solution, keeping everything neat, organized and easy to transport!


condiment caddy DIY


You can pick this type of basket up at the thrift store or dollar store. It’s easy to use and easy to carry.

Chalkboard Paint Condiment Caddy

DIY chalkboard condiment caddy

We love this one! There isn’t a whole lot that doesn’t look great in chalkboard paint.


Cookout Caddy

cookout caddy DIY


Why not a bucket? You can paint it anyway you like!

Upcycled Utensil Caddy

diy bbq caddy


I know this says it’s for utensils but why couldn’t you use it for condiments as well?

Rustic DIY Caddy

DIY bbq caddy Source

This looks fantastic and can easily carry everything you need.

Industrial Light Cover Caddy


We would have never thought to use industrial light covers. Handy!

Meatloaf Pan and Masher

condiment caddySource

I love the vintage look of this meatloaf pan condiment tray! It’s so easy to put together too!

Picnic Caddy

picnic caddy


This homemade picnic caddy is perfect for outdoor BBQs.

Recycled Tin Cans and Twine

recypled tin can caddy


This has that whimsical vintage look to it. Sweet!

Six Pack Caddy

six pack condiment caddy

Repurpose an empty six pack container for a quick condiment caddy. This is a great option if you’re going to the beach or for camping: if it gets damaged, you can just make a new one for the next trip!

Check out this cute DIY to make your own BBQ drink station.

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