Photography Courtesy of Lionsgate Design

Photography Courtesy of Lionsgate Design

DO hire a professional.

Home buyers want a home that is ready to move into. They don’t have emotional attachments to your personal items and they will notice issues that you have overlooked. A home stager will look at your

home the way a potential buyer would and alert you to issues that would cause a buyer to lower their offer or skip your home altogether.

DO ask for references.

References and testimonials from past clients are one of the best ways to judge the value your home stager can bring to the table. Ask for examples of successful stagings. Be leery of any home stager who is unable or unwilling to provide you with references.

DO view a portfolio.

Before and after photos are important because they demonstrate the real difference the home stager made in past projects. Some companies will provide stagers with “readymade” profiles, so make sure the profile you are viewing is actually the work of the stager you are hiring. Your stager should be able to answer detailed questions about the projects in their portfolio.

DO pick someone familiar with your area.

A home stager needs to be able to do more than just decorate. They need to target the right buyer for your home and your neighbourhood. A staging professional with a proven track record in your area understands the local real estate market. They can tell you what homes usually sell for in your area and for how long they are generally on the market.

DON’T focus on price.

A home stager’s services can raise the final selling price of your home by $10,000-$70,000 or more. Choosing a home stager based solely on price may result in tens of thousands of dollars in lost profit. Instead, focus on the home stager’s proven track record, portfolio and references.

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