DIY Christmas Table Decor ideas from our 2020 Home for the Holidays special edition!


DIY Christmas Table Decor

Little goodie bags make the perfect addition to each place setting for your holiday tablescape. Cut 3″ x 12″ strips from the fabric of your choice. For each bag, use one strip. Fold in a 1/4″ seam twice along the short ends of the strip and sew into place. Fold strip in half with the pattern facing in and sew a 1/4″ seam along the two sides. Flip fabric right side out and you have the perfect little bag for holiday treats (adjust the strips larger or smaller for different bag sizes depending on your needs!) Finish each bag by tying them shut with twine or ribbon and a custom gift tag painted in Chalk Paint® colors to match your fabric. These little goodie bags are also a great way to make your own Christmas Countdown! Make a set of 24 bags, numbered 1-24, and insert little treats for your loved ones to enjoy each morning as they eagerly await Christmas morning!


DIY Christmas Table Decor

Dry your own orange slices for your holiday DIY projects! Simply cut oranges in approximately 1cm wide slices, place on a rack in the oven at 120°C (250°F) for 2-3 hours. Check and turn regularly to ensure they don’t stick.

WALLS: Chalk Paint® in Old White; TABLE TOP: White Chalk Paint® Wax; TABLE LEGS: Olive and Clear Wax; CHAIRS: Country Grey; FLOOR: Old White and Matte Chalk Paint Lacquer; MAKES: Crackers in Old Ochre; Potato print gift wrap in Pure.; Gift tags in Olive and Pure; Pine cones and wreath in Bright Silver Gilding Wax; Advent calendar pouches in Ticking in Graphite; Napkins in Ticking in Olive; Photos by ©Annie Sloan Interiors,


DIY Christmas Table Decor

Save space on your holiday table with a statement -making hanging centerpiece! This idea can be done with very little expense and customized to suit your decor and the event! Both start with a large branch suspended from the ceiling and then decorated with a variety of hanging items. A chic, rustic look is created by hanging dried orange slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and fresh herbs using twine.

DIY Christmas Table Decor

Here, an ivy garland with a selection of Christmas ornaments creates a traditional look with a touch of sparkle. Other ideas might include a pine garland or twinkle lights – the options are endless! Use leftover decor pieces to keep it budget friendly!

WALLS: Chalk Paint® in Honfleur; TABLE, FLOOR: Burgundy and Matte Lacquer; CHAIRS, CERAMICS: Barcelona Orange and Clear Wax, WINDOW PANEL, CUSHIONS: Ticking in Olive, Dulcet in Old White; MAKES: Baubles in Burgundy, Olive, Primer Red and Amsterdam Green finished with Warm Gold Gilding Wax; Photos by ©Annie Sloan Interiors,

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