Sustainability and limiting our impact on the world around us is a growing concern that has begun to influence much of how we live in the world. Often, cost has been a preventative aspect with eco-friendly options often being harder to source and more expensive then their readily-available counterparts but the increase in demand for better options is changing that for us! Of course, some aspects of sustainable living, like upcycling and reusing, have been saving us money for years already! Here are 5 ideas for eco-friendly choices you can make that will also give you a boost in the budget department as well!

  1. New Isn’t Always Better – A growing trend in decor right now is mixing older pieces with newer items for a personalized space that tells a story. This is good news because it means you don’t have to throw out that old dresser or dining table! Work existing pieces into your decor or upcycle them for a fresh new look! Buying needed items at flea markets and consignment stores is also a great way to save money while being eco-conscious!
  2. Get Smart – Smart home technology has become increasingly easier to use and more effective in helping to simplify our lives in recent years. Now, Wiser Energy Smart Home Monitoring lets you take full control of your home’s energy! With Wiser Energy, you can track home energy use in real time, get notifications if devices are left on/turned off and easily spot inefficiencies that may be causing an increase in energy use! Easily installed into your electrical panel (by a license electrician), you can use the Wiser Energy app to track savings, set energy goals and reduce energy waste to keep your energy bill in check!
  3. Clean Up – Cleaning supplies are often a space where we fall short in sustainability. Most cleaning supplies come in plastic bottles or containers and contain harmful chemicals! Today, eco friendly options are not only readily available but also much more effective. In many cities, eco-friendly products are available from boutique refill stores where you can take a reusable bottle and refill it over and over again to eliminate waste. Other companies, like Tru Earth, are creating cleaning products in more eco-friendly, easier to use packaging that reduces waste! Reusable paper towels, a long standing trend in much of Europe, are also making an appearance in Canada now. All-natural, chemical free cleaning options, like Egret which converts simple water and salt into a powerful cleaning solution (in a reusable glass container so there’s no waste), make it easier to be conscious of the impact your cleaning routine is having on the environment as well! Plus, reusable items mean you buy once, and then just reuse instead of repurchase!
  4. Quality Counts – 20 years ago, a friend bought a rather expensive vacuum cleaner with a lifetime warranty. I remember telling her that I could buy 10 vacuum cleaners for what she paid for one. Today – she still uses that same vacuum and it works as good as the day she bought it. I, on the other hand, have probably gone threw at least 10 vacuum cleaners as predicted. So not only have I ended up spending more, but I’ve sent 9 vacuum cleaners to the landfill as well. Now – price isn’t everything of course. But – quality is! Investing in quality when it comes to pieces that you will use regular for years to come, can save you money in the long run and can also reduce the amount of items being sent to the landfills as they break and are replaced!
  5. Upgrade & Donate – In most provinces, there are programs offered to help with the cost of making upgrades that will reduce the energy usage in your home. This can include replacing windows and doors, upgrading your heating system, adding insulation and more. Not only will this help lower your energy costs over time, but many of these upgrades also increase the value of your home. If you’re upgrading, consider donating your used items instead of sending them to the landfill. Programs like Restore from Habit for Humanity take old materials, tools and supplies and resell them to raise money for charity. Those old windows might not be great for your house, but they could be perfect for someone’s shed or greenhouse project!
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