Increase your outdoor entertaining options with flexible shade wherever you need it most! 

A covered pergola is a structure that is constructed in the garden or on the deck of a property to offer shade and a comfortable outdoor living place. Adding a covered pergola to your property can increase the available living area, without increasing the footprint of the building. You are essentially adding a room to the property by providing a nice outside living space. This might give the house a more expansive air and provide more space to spread out and enjoy time with friends and family. A ShadeTree pergola is completely modular in its use and design. The adaptability of the system allows you to decide where you want shade and where you want sun by simply opening and closing the different shade panels. ShadeTree Canopies are completely customizable and can retrofit into any space or size. 

Simply by preventing the damaging UV rays from the sun, a covered pergola can also contribute to extending the lifespan of the building. These rays can reduce the lifespan of painted surfaces, decks, outdoor furniture, and fabrics. Over time, a pergola can help you save money on repairs and maintenance expenses. www.shadetreecanopies.ca


Thoughtful design turns a kitchen into a focal point for social gatherings! 

  • Incorporating floor-to-ceiling storage not only maximizes storage space but also allows for larger windows, flooding the area with abundant natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere.
  • Of course, no kitchen built for entertaining would be complete without an espresso machine, adding a touch of sophistication and catering to the guests’ caffeine cravings.
  • An open-concept layout expands the entertaining area, while the island acts as a subtle divider, preserving the flow without sacrificing the desired connectivity among guests. 
  • A two-level island is another essential feature, providing a comfortable space for smaller gatherings where guests can sit and engage in conversations. The open space around the island allows for stools to be easily tucked away, making it convenient when serving buffet-style meals. 


Customize your favorite sofa to maximize the use of your space! 

Configurable collections allow you to customize your space for that custom look and feel but at an affordable price! With hundreds of fabrics available to pick from, you can create the perfect set up for your home with ease.

Find these styles and more at www.sofaland.ca

Customizing your set up to fit your space means you can offer the best use of space with the maximum available seating. This is perfect for ensuring you can entertain with ease! 

Small Wonder: Working with a small space? Small can still be stylish! The Danette offers a stylish, curved silhouette that is both chic and comfortable. Shown here in Popcorn Ivory fabric, this Canadian made sofa can be customized in hundreds of fabric options to suit your home! – www.sofaland.ca

Custom Walk-in Closets

Create a stunning, custom wardrobe that combines timeless beauty with practicality. 

The custom closet in Quiet Grove wood grain finish offers a stunning aesthetic reminiscent of solid oak, radiating warmth and sophistication. Designed as a walk-in closet, this impeccable creation combines timeless beauty with practicality. The center island serves as a focal point and provides additional storage options, including pull-out shoe shelves and premium storage accessories. The light oak system is adorned with a mix of slab and Slim Shaker fronts, complemented by Onyx metal frame doors with clear glass. 

The exclusive Everstyle drawers in Graphite metal with Pewter vegan leather showcase a unique touch, allowing for customized sections to store personal belongings and sentiments, giving the space a boutique-like ambiance. Matte Black accessories such as Contemporary Quadrato hardware, pull-out racks, and fluted hanging poles add a touch of contemporary elegance. The Grove bins in Brown Herringbone and Bleecker boxes in French Grey and Black Night further enhance the organization and style of this exceptional custom closet, allowing homeowners to proudly display their favorite pieces in a space they interact with daily.

California Closets, www.calclosets.com 


Embracing neutrals, natural light and increased functionality are key to a timeless kitchen design! 

We love that this kitchen is designed to keep a clear, open view to the large windows beyond, allowing for plenty of natural light!

Floor to ceiling cabinetry is a great way to maximize storage space per square foot of floor space used.

Gray cabinets have dramatically increased in desirability, bringing a chic sophistication to kitchens. Grey, like white, is a versatile colour and is a neutral that can go towards cool or warm tones.

Marble, Granite or Quartz

Choosing the best countertop material for your kitchen! 

Countertops are vital elements in interior design, and three popular choices are marble, quartz, and granite. Marble countertops offer timeless elegance with unique veining patterns, creamy hues, and a luxurious feel. They require regular maintenance due to their porous nature but can add opulence to any space. Quartz countertops blend beauty and durability, engineered with natural quartz crystals, resins, and pigments. They come in various colors and patterns, are non-porous, resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, and require minimal maintenance. Granite countertops offer enduring allure, with a wide range of colors and textures. They are highly heat and scratch-resistant and can last a lifetime with proper sealing and minimal upkeep. Granite is a great investment for long-lasting, elegant kitchen or bathroom countertops. – www.takeusforgranite.ca

Kitchen Workstations

Turn your kitchen island into a complete culinary system ideal for entertaining! 

The Galley represents a whole new category of kitchen appliance – a complete culinary system where one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and clean all in one central and convenient place. The kitchen is even more functional and ergonomic with a cooktop next to the Workstation. This new kitchen work line concept is much more efficient than the traditional work triangle. Kitchens that feature a Galley Workstation invite more rewarding interaction. Conversations flow more freely, and every stage of meal preparation is a collaborative act. Many hands make light work, and most problems can be solved by working smarter, not harder.

Discover what sets this kitchen all-rounder apart. It begins with quality construction. Every Workstation is handcrafted in the USA, fabricated from one piece of 316L 16-gauge stainless steel. With seven standard lengths available, you can install a large Workstation as the centerpiece of your kitchen island to prepare, cook, serve, and entertain, and a WashStation nearby to keep the cleanup process easy and efficient.

To get the most out of the Workstation, line it up with your cooktop to make the transition from prep to pan as seamless as possible. Additionally, Galley Workstations are designed to accommodate a standard oven tray, so you can prepare ingredients within the Workstation before popping the tray into your oven behind you. If you’re partial to open-air entertaining, Galley Workstations are excellent additions to any indoor or outdoor living space. – Euro-Line Appliances, www.ela.ca

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