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Mike Holmes Jr Advice for Renovations

Mike Holmes Jr Advice for Renovations answer your questions to help better your home!


Start with the outside and work your way in! What matters is what you don’t see. Is the roof in good condition? What’s behind the walls? Is it insulated properly? Mike Holmes Jr advises for your renovations that those types of core issues are what needs to be dealt with before you start on the pretty things inside. – Mike Holmes JR will appear in Season 4 of Home to Win, premiering on HGTV Canada this fall.

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What is a Passive House?

This is the most ecologically friendly and sustainable construction. The main cause of loss of energy in traditional homes is thermal bridges that allow the easy transfer of heat or cold energy. Passive Homes feature continuous insulation around the outside of the building with no thermal bridges, resulting in dramatically reduced energy costs, improved air quality and increased comfort. – Rick Stacey,

How do I ensure my glass shower enclosure won’t leak?

Choose a 3 Point Anti Leak system that includes hinges, side seal gaskets and a threshold. The hinges overclose by 5%, pushing the door against the gaskets for a nice, tight close. The threshold runs across the opening of the door with a slight slope to roll water back into the shower. – Tara Hreljac,

What materials are available for kitchen cabinets?

Classic kitchen cabinetry is usually made from solid wood, painted wood, laminate or thermofoil. Modern kitchens are using more wood, glass, and synthetic materials or a combination of materials. Designs are also more convenient than in the past, offering more options for storage and customization! – Shinya Mikawa,

What steps can be taken to ensure accuracy when framing a home?

One important step is to create in-depth shop drawings. They are created specifically to our scope of work including supplier details of materials and structural items being used, issues unique to the site and the like. We essentially build the house on our software before commencing the project. This allows us to identify all irregularities before construction begins. These drawings allow construction to move quickly, minimizing errors and producing a high quality of work. – Wall-Up Carpentry,

I have a four bedroom house. Will combining a small bathroom and bedroom into a larger bathroom affect my home’s value?

This is an excellent decision as bathroom and kitchen upgrades add substantial value and reducing from 4 to 3 bedrooms won’t negatively affect your value. If you had fewer bedrooms, the opposite would be true. – Marcia Bergen,

How can I ensure a quick sale in a competitive market?

Make sure your home is move-in ready, up to date and in good condition. Potential buyers can be very picky and finding one small hidden problem will actually lower their perceived value of your home overall. If funding is an issue, speak to a home equity loan specialist about using existing home equity to fund the repairs needed so you can sell your home for a higher value, faster. – Amit Anand,

Why is it important to survey for water before drilling?

Way too many homeowners spend thousands of dollars on drilling that only results in expensive dry holes or very low yields. Using research with Seismo-electric technology (Seismic Ground Water Detection) and equipment prior to drilling allows you to minimize risk and maximize yield. – Gary Kehler,

What is involved in a truly sustainable build?

When building a sustainable home, we have to consider more than just energy efficiency. The truly sustainable building includes reducing waste during construction, building with healthy products with minimal chemical off-gassing, choosing local or recycled materials and investing in materials that will last longer and require minimal maintenance over time. Our goal is to reduce long term costs for heating and maintenance while reducing environmental impact. – Cal Dueck,

How can I fit a tub and separate shower in a small space?

In this small bathroom, well-placed lighting and a glass shower enclosure allow light to move so the space feels larger. The freestanding tub is placed at an angle that allows a larger tub to fit in the space and looks decorative at the same time! – Shawn Jones,

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