Pumpkins and gourds seem to get all the attention during fall months, but tying those in with fall flowers and foliage can create stunning centerpieces for everyday or special occasions. The fall colors of rustic browns, oranges, reds and deep golden yellows can be found in both real and artificial flowers. When creating a centerpiece it is important to consider if one wants it to be on display for a one night event or to hold up for the entire season.

Crafters and creative decorators have found that gourds can be carved and hollowed out to become unique natural vases. Use tall skinny butternut squash to achieve a traditional vase shape. It is important to find one with a flat bottom so that it will stand upright, or simply use a knife to create a flat base. Cut off the top and remove the insides while being careful to keep the rest of the squash intact. Fill with water and any choice of fall colored flowers.

Another choice is using rounded acorn squash or small pumpkin varieties to drill a single hole for one perfect bud. Use them alone to display on a small side table, or create a personalized place setting for a fall feast. Create one for each guest and then paint his or her name onto the gourd. Guests can take them home as a small favor after the event. Large pumpkins can be hollowed o to create a bowl bursting with stems to be used as festive centerpiece. Instead of filling the entire large pumpkin with buds one can fill it with water and float a few flower heads for a different style centerpiece.

If the goal is to create a centerpiece that will last longer it is best not to cut or carve the gourds as it considerably shortens the shelf life. A vase filled with either fresh or silk flowers can be placed on a table top and surrounded by tiny pumpkins and colorful fall leaves. This type of display can easily last the length of the fall season. If there is the space to do so, an array of multiple sized pumpkins can be spread onto a bed of silk fall leaves and mixed with different heights of vases with fall colored flowers

Craft pumpkins and squash are also a great choice for a timeless display. These can be carved or used intact for any number of fall displays. Consider a large bowl or platter of craft gourds with vases of fall flowers on either side to create a balanced display of fall’s bounty.

Cornucopias are traditional fall displays, but a creative twist can add extra flair. While traditional cornucopia displays feature fall vegetables spilling out of the horn of plenty, flowers can easily be transitioned in. A bouquet of flowers cascading out of the cornucopia adds a touch of elegance to this celebration of fall’s abundance.

Fall flowers are not limited only to centerpieces and vases, door wreaths are a wonderful option. A wreath featuring fall blooms and colorful fall ribbon can be hung on the front door. Surround the door with a garland of fall leaves and display a few tastefully decorated pumpkins nearby for a sophisticated Halloween look. By leaving the ghosts and spiders out of the display it can easily transition from October to November.

From everyday events to special occasions fall flowers dress up traditional fall décor. By making flowers and foliage in fall colors the focus of centerpieces and other decorations one can add a more sophisticated, stylized look. Use these ideas to wow guests and freshen up the fall table.

Tiffany Wells is a professional blogger that writes for Afloral.com, a leading online retailer of silk flower arrangements and floral supplies.

Photo Source: Afloral

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