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Four Simple Staging Ideas for Spring

When preparing your home’s interior for the “Spring Market”, there are a few simple things you can do to help brighten up your home despite the long winter we seem to still be having. Making a few small changes will bring warmer and sunnier feelings to mind and prepare potential buyers for the long lazy days to come.


1. Bringing in fresh flowers and place them around your home. Cherry blossoms, tulips and pansies are cheery flowers with pleasant smells that show a sign of what gardens and yards may bring in the coming months.

lighten up

2. Change out heavy bed linens, drapes and blankets for lighter weights and colours. Having a blanket on every chair, sofa or bed may also indicate your home is not heated efficiently so it is better to put them away. Heavy, sun blocking drapes or even closed sheers close in the space and make rooms look darker. Open them up! Just make sure your window ledges, blinds and glass sparkle! If your window treatments are dated, why not remove them all together? Take down the valance and let the light shine in.

Photo Source: Life is Art is Life

Photo Source: Life is Art is Life

3. Pack away all “Winter” items. You are moving anyway so you might as well do it now. The Christmas decorations, snow shovels, winter clothes, scarves, boots, and anything else related to the cold season can be packed away and hopefully taken off-site. This will free up some space in your home and help control clutter and improve perceived storage space. Full basements, garages and cupboards indicate that your home doesn’t have enough storage space. While you are at it, tackle the linen closet and hall closet as well.

4. Use your spring selling as an excuse to lighten up! Your collections, your storage, even your paint colours! If your rooms are a darker colour, why not paint them a more neutral and buyer friendly grey? Or Beige? Or “Greige”? Don’t be afraid to start getting rid of things now. You are moving anyway. Don’t take it with you; do some pre-packing, spring cleaning and edit your things now, before you have to move them. It will make your home feel bigger, less cluttered AND save you time later!

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