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Gifts to help him start the year off right

Guys want to look good no matter whether they’re a ‘man’s man’ or prefer the ‘mad men’ look. Recently, 87% of men surveyed said that personal grooming is important to them and that’s why it’s surprising that so many get even the most basic grooming essentials wrong.

Help the man in your life start the New Year off right. Take a look at these grooming tips and gift suggestions:

1. Smelling too good can be bad. Help him update that scent he’s been sporting since high school by taking him to the fragrance department and find a new option that will enhance his manly natural scent. And remember that subtle leaves a better impression.

2. Stubble is sexy. Sporting the right amount of stubble takes work and the right tools. Make sure he has a beard trimmer to keep it well kept. The Styleshaver has a full size trimmer and precision trimmer on one side and a dual foil shaver on the other. The double headed shaver allows men to experiment with new styles, providing them with three precision grooming tools in one.

3. Keeping below the neck in check. While we’re on the topic of hair, only 1/3 of men admit to thinking about the areas below the neck. Make sure he’s got a body trimmer that’s suited for the job. The Philips Bodygroom Plus removes hair below the neck in minutes leaving smooth results for weeks. Its 2D pivoting head can naturally follows his body’s contours, removing unwanted hair from even the most sensitive parts.

4. Bad dental can make you look mental. Dentist’s recommend electric toothbrushes over the manual kind; they provide a better clean and promote healthy gums. The Sonicare Diamond Clean comes with five brush modes for a whole mouth clean feeling that really lasts. It’s even great for guys with sensitive teeth.

5. Skin care is manly. Men’s skin is tougher than women’s, yet it’s still susceptible to aging, wrinkles and other skin ailments. Help him choose a moisturizer suited to his skin type, and a daily face wash to keep his skin hydrated and younger looking.

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