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Handy Pool Maintenance Hacks


A private swimming pool is an enviable and glamorous asset to any home, but they’re not all pool parties and swimsuit selfies, as Kylie Jenner’s Instagram would have you believe. Maintaining a swimming pool is, of course, not a very glamorous affair at all, but it is manageable. We’ve rounded up the internet’s cleverest tips, tricks, and hacks to help you maintain your pool in the most efficient way, leaving more time for those pool parties and swimsuit selfies.  


Use a Sock 

Let’s face it, even after a good scrub of your pool walls, there may still be a spot or two that’s pretty hell-bent on staying put. Rather than leaving it until next time, (when it will most likely be even harder to get off), fill an old sock with chlorine and let it sit on the affected spot for a few hours to effectively loosen up the buildup.  


Use Dryer Sheets 

When we talk about “pool debris,” we’re often referring to bees and other insects that meet their demise via death-by-swimming-pool. Do a good deed for the bugs, and save yourself the headache to sifting out their carcasses later, by hanging or placing dryer sheets around your pool, which will dissuade the bugs from coming near.  


Use a Tennis Ball 

Half the struggle of keeping your pool clean, has to do with the various oils that we, as humans, either secrete or slather on ourselves, (aka, sunscreen, makeup, and hair products). And while oil naturally separates from water, it can be near impossible to remove the former in your pool. To combat this common problem, simply toss a tennis ball into the water. The fibers on the velvet-y surface of the ball will soak up the extraneous oils. 


DIY Your Own Chemicals 

Pool maintenance can be costly, the reason often being that the chemicals available to you are expensive. Luckily, you can find cost-effective alternatives to the pool chemicals you need at the grocery store. For instance, baking soda can be used in place of sodium bicarbonate.  


Automate it 

Last but not least: if you have the budget, invest in some technology to keep your pool algae- and debris-free. Like this Aquabot X4, which will clean your pool floor for you, hassle-free.

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