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High Fashion Furniture – Living like Royalty

Here’s an interesting fact: did you know that the world’s most popular fashion clothing brands are also the same in terms of furniture?

That’s right. If you’re really aiming high for the high fashion life, then you simply don’t just get their clothing lines. You get their furniture line as well.

Here’s another question for you; what makes a royalty, well, royalty?

Is it the authority? The power? The crown on top of your head?

The answer is actually quite simple: it’s the castle where you live in. How can royalty become royalty if they simply live in a peasant’s hut? It’s all about the accommodations, my friend. And if you don’t have it, then consider yourself false royalty.

Now hold up; we’re not talking about raising a ten-foot-tall castle or pyramid here. We are talking about furnishings. Yes, furniture. Because it doesn’t matter whether you have a ten-bedroom mansion or a simple one-bedroom apartment. If your furnishings don’t cut it, then you’re not living the high fashion life.

To have the best high fashion furniture, you’ll need to get them from high fashion brands as well. There’s really no excuse or alternative. One can really spot the difference between getting a loveseat or a sofa from a different designer compared to an Ottoman designed by either Fendi Casa or Hermes. The difference is just night and day!

So for everyone out there who truly wants to live the life of royalty and luxury, here are some of the best high fashion brands that are also considered to design or build high fashion furniture:


Gucci started producing high fashion furniture back in 2017. When this piece of news was announced, everyone went ballistic. They all know that Gucci is going to create some of the most ambitiously designed high fashion furniture and it also helps that Gucci’s lead furniture designer, creative director Alessandro Michele, is well known for his maximalist standards.

Every Gucci piece is designed to bring out the best qualities of Italian furniture. Their new collection, the ‘Souvenir from Rome’ features chairs with floral jacquard patterns. The aesthetics strongly remind me of the old Italian families who held power during Renaissance.


Image credits from: https://www.harpersbazaar.com.sg/gallery/gucci-decor-souvenir-from-rome-wanderlust/

Fendi Casa

When Italian entrepreneur Alberto Vignatelli met fashion designer Anna Fendi in 1988, both knew that they were going to build something beautiful and extravagant. This was the first time that a fashion brand launched a furniture line. Little did they know that this would trigger a love for high fashion furniture.

Fendi Casa’s 2020 collection showcases a variety of textures, sizes, and designs. Their best-sellers are their coffee and side tables. Each furniture piece is built with sophistication and extravagance that is only fit for people who live in high fashion.

coffee table

Image credits from: https://aspiremetro.com/fendi-casa-2020-new-collection/

Armani Casa

Elegance. Essentiality. Simplicity. Those are the design philosophy followed by Armani Casa, the furniture line of the famous Giorgio Armani fashion brand. Launched in 2004, Giorgio Armani probably realized that his years of experience as a high fashion brand can also be used in designing furniture that would look best when applied in hotel rooms and function halls.

And it’s probably for that reason why many top hotel chains, private yachts, celebrity mansions, and exotic villas from all over the world are paying a very good price for the latest Armani Casa furniture. Just seriously take a look at this high-end display rack and office table.

This elegant piece from the 2020 Armani Casa Collection can be found in the Armani Hotel in Dubai. In fact, if you want to experience firsthand how it feels to own these fine high furniture pieces, please go ahead and book a room there. That is, of course, if you can afford it!


Image credits from: https://www.lifestyleasia.com/bk/living/property-interiors/luxury-fashion-designer-furniture/

Dolce & Gabbana

Yes, you guessed it. The famous Dolce & Gabbana are also joining in in the high fashion furniture club. And it’s not just for show; its signature Casa Line is literally making everyone go “Mamma Mia!” because of its boldness and flavorful new furniture lines.

The leopard-printed sofa is perhaps the talk of the town when Dolce & Gabbana introduced their high fashion furniture line ‘Casa’ to the public. Each furniture piece is handmade by top Venetian heritage brands and artists.

Some of these legendary artists include the legendary Murano glassmakers Barbini and the Salviatiluxury textile company Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua.


Last but not the least is high fashion powerhouse brand Versace. Already a known entity in high fashion furniture, Versace boasts some of the best sofas and home furnishings adorned with high-quality textiles. The brand is also well known for its porcelain dinnerware.

To own Versace’s high fashion furniture is to become the talk of the town. You will be the envy of your high fashion friends because you are someone who values furniture with a dazzling design. With each furniture piece designed with the use of Baroque and Greek motif, each Versace high furniture piece is literally a work of art.

Just take a look at this Versace sofa. It reminds me of heraldry used by the noblest family line during the Medieval age. Of course, the design shows practicality and comfort too, thanks to Versace using only the best materials such as pure silk, velvet, and super-soft cotton when creating soft furnishings.


Image credits from https://www.lifestyleasia.com/bk/living/property-interiors/luxury-fashion-designer-furniture/

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