When planning a party during the festive season, there are many things to consider. From the music and food, to the guest list and atmosphere, setting the right tone to make a memorable night can be exhausting. One of the most important things to remember is that you’re responsible for the safety of your guests while they are in your home. Planning ahead can ensure a memorable and safe night for everyone and make your party the highlight of the holiday season!

Here are a few planning ideas courtesy of Labatt Breweries of Canada. Your guests will thank you.

Party Planning Tips for the Responsible Host:

• Always serve food: Throughout the night, make available food that has carbohydrates, protein and fat, as these slow down the absorption of alcohol. Be sure to serve late-night snacks as well.

• B.Y.O.P.Js.: Bring your own pajamas. Before the party starts, prepare bedding, pillows, and towels and invite guests ahead of time to stay overnight.

• Let’s make a deal: Make a plan to help guests get home safely, whether arranging a set fee with a local cab company to shuttle your guests to and from the party, or renting a mini bus and charging $5 a head for a safe ride home.

• Give a gift in return: Provide guests with transit fare or subway tokens when they leave for the night.

• Have back-up: Have a trusted friend as a co-host to help manage difficult situations.

• Offer a choice of drinks: In addition to water, juice and soft drinks, try non-alcoholic beers. Popular choices include Beck’s Non-Alcoholic beer and Labatt Blue DeAlcoholized.

More party planning tips including recipes and festive ideas can be found online at www.makeaplan.ca.


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