Holiday shopping for parents is difficult and can put a real damper on your holiday cheer. To help, the editors from, Canada’s largest bargain shopping website, suggest some innovative ideas for parent-appropriate gifts:

Good for Mom and Dad

• A gift certificate to their favourite restaurant.

• An iPad or tablet is great for people who casually surf, email, read, and voice/video chat online.

• A GPS device. Go for a model that is simple and easy to operate.

Good for Dad

• A multi-tool. Dads like gadgets. Moms like gadgets that can fit into a drawer and don’t take up half the garage. Everyone wins.

• Take him out to the ball game. Buy tickets to his sporting event of choice and score extra points by going with him.

• TV shows on DVD/Blu-ray boxsets. Consider it a trade for the hours and hours of kids’ shows and cartoons back in the day.

Good for Mom

• Things she’d never buy herself like perfume, diamond earrings, even dance lessons, will make her feel special.

• A gift certificate to a day spa. She’ll be pampered, and she’ll get away from having to hear about your dad’s new multitool.

• A digital picture frame. Preload this with family photos. Be sure to include some embarrassing child photos that you hate since mom will love those.

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