Technology has accelerated in recent years. This is true for almost every field out there. This is especially true for Home networks & security. We spoke to Daniel Sumarokoff at Citadel Cameras to learn more about the recent shifts in the market and the trends he & his team are seeing with security cameras, security systems and network equipment for homes in Canada.

Daniel, what are the recent developments that you see on the ground?

Working with high-tech equipment daily we see a further transition to the IoT in the market. As devices are getting smarter and more interconnected, this creates special requirements for the networks, to up their game so they can support the IoT space today and in the future.

But to summarize this trend, I’d say it’s a movement towards faster networks & smarter homes.

5G & Faster Networks

We expect a big revolution from the adoption of the 5G networks and improved WiFi6 technology. Because the networks will be getting faster, devices will be able to work wirelessly and not use as much power as they used to in the past.

This way, applications will get more sophisticated, utilizing bigger and better data streams. This will impact every device you use at home  – from security cameras to access control systems to the simple fridge, thermostat and more.

This is the general trend that we see, imagine how your home will change 10 years from now.

Starlink Installations

Another big thing for home and commercial properties, especially outside of the cities is Starlink. Starlink Installations is something that our team has been working on a lot lately and also something that our clients enjoy very much.

This gives our clients an amazing price and a pretty good quality of the internet, which is especially useful in the rural areas outside the cities – cottages, summer camps, farms and other properties. We’ve heard about some very good prices for Starlink compared to competitors and seen some nice network quality, given the location.

Ubiquiti Equipment

Another major piece – which we really like to use together with Starlink. Also a game-changer in a way for many residential and commercial properties. Ubiquiti is at the forefront of home networks and smart devices like security cameras and access control systems. Our team like to use it in conjunction with Starlink systems as well as separately.

Ubiquiti equipment is often referred to as a state of the art, and who doesn’t like art? Many of our clients like that this equipment is installed prominently as it is somewhat of an accessory itself, often referred to as an Apple of the Network & Home Devices.

To summarize, I’d say, the industry is increasingly going towards quality smart devices that rely on powerful networks making the lives of consumers and businesses better.

Daniel Sumarokoff – founder of Citadel Cameras – Security & Network Installation company with multiple locations across Southern Ontario.

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