85147aHSummertime at the cottage provides Canadians with many lasting memories. The times shared with family and friends make the cottage experience a Canadian staple. As the summer winds down, we start thinking about saying goodbye to our beloved summer retreats and closing the properties for the season. Along with preparing their cottage for our harsh winter, owners need to also take necessary steps to protect their summer property from a break in while it stands empty for months at a time.

According to Patrice De Luca, V.P. of Customer Care for ADT Canada, break-ins remain a fact of life for cottage owners as their properties remain empty and vulnerable to intrusions for several months.

“Most break-ins occur over the winter when cottages are unattended for several months and there are fewer people around to witness suspicious behavior,” explained De Luca. “There are several steps you can take to deter burglars and reduce the risk that your cottage will be targeted since most burglaries are committed by amateurs. A few simple security precautions will discourage most of them.”

The following ADT home protection checklist can help you plan important safety measures to help keep your cottage or summer home safe and damage-free during the winter:

1. Did you burglar-proof your cottage by boarding all windows and securing all openings to deter thieves?

2. Did you take your more valuable possessions home with you so not to entice burglars?

3. Is your boat stored in an enclosed and locked building?

4. Did you turn off the water-main and unplug the major appliances as an added precaution against frozen pipes bursting?

5. Did you inform neighbors to keep an eye out for anything suspicious while you’re away?

6. Did you consider a security system?

85147bHA home security system is a very effective deterrent as thieves usually select an unoccupied property with the easiest access. A cottage protected by a home security system is three times less susceptible to a break in than one without a system. Home security system decals and yard signs are also an effective deterrent. Make sure your security system includes a loud inside house siren, detectors at all exterior doors, and motion sensors in the master bedroom and main living areas.

De Luca says the latest wireless fully interactive home security systems can now allow monitoring of your cottage from a distance through your computer or smartphone. Protectron’s interactive security systems let you arm and disarm your alarm, lock or unlock your front door, control lights and your cottage’s thermostat from anywhere at the touch of your web-enabled device.

The interactive security system is linked to the ULC interlinked remote monitoring centres that protects your home 24 hours a day against burglars, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and floods. More information on protecting your cottage is available at www.protectron.com.


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