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How to Create a Comfortable Media Room


It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time in front of screens – on our smartphones, tablets, laptops. We need computers to do our jobs, cell phones to stay in touch, tablets to entertain, and iPods to play our favourite tunes.

But what about the television, the original screen we all know and love?

“The art of enjoying a favourite film or TV show has become lost on many people,” says Sally Morse, director of creative services at Hunter Douglas, a leading window treatment company. “Instead of settling down at home and relaxing with the family, viewers are cramming their shows into their commute, squinting at their phones, watching when they can,” she continues.

So, how do we get back to enjoying the art of watching film? Morse says by investing in a media room, which is trending so much so that it is now the new “must have” room in the house. A media room will bring the family together for some good, old-fashioned entertainment and relaxation, so to get the most out of it and to make yours seem like a movie theatre here are some helpful tips from Morse:

Comfort and style, living in harmony

“It’s important to make your media room comfortable,” notes Morse, “but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.” Pick a favourite colour and shop for throws and pretty pillows to show it off, an easy way to add some flair to the room while making your viewing experience more cozy. If you have hardwood floors and don’t want to take the wall-to-wall carpeting plunge, look for a rug made of thick material to instantly soften up the feel of the room.

Don’t mess with the view

Picture this: You’ve just nestled into your favourite corner of the couch, put a movie on and are resting with your feet up. And then you notice it, the dreaded glare on the television from the blazing sun outside. “There are times when you want sunshine while watching the screen,” says Morse, “and times when darkness is preferred.” Either way, the glare should not be a part of the picture. When designing your media room, keep this in mind.

A stylish fit for both situations and for any light control preference for that matter, are Solera Soft Shades from Hunter Douglas. If you want to let outdoor light in without the pesky glare, you’re in luck: the window fashions are available with a top-down/bottom-up option, which is especially useful for preventing glare on TV screens. Are you in the mood to really make your media room seem like a theatre? Opt for fabrics with room-darkening opacity for the ultimate movie night.

Maximize space

“Ample seating in this room is key,” Morse advises. It’s important to have enough seating without crowding the room, depending on the size of the space. She suggests an L-shaped couch so families and guests can sprawl out and still feel connected. You can go modern with crisp lines and a square shape, or more traditional with plush cushions and rounded armrests. For even more seating, add a loveseat or pair together slipper chairs.

Double duty

“The great part about creating a media room is that it becomes a type of retreat for everyone in the family, whether they’re watching the TV or not,” Morse says. Wander inside and sink into the couch during a long phone call with an old friend, put a tray of drinks on the coffee table when guests come over, or curl up and read a good book. “The room is what you make it,” she concludes.


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