86871H (1)Is your décor weighing you down? This year, one of the biggest design trends is a simple, minimalist approach. It’s time to take a break from oversaturation and pare back with simple colours, clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Sharon Grech, colour and design expert for Benjamin Moore, shares tips on creating simplicity in your home design.

Do more with less: Maintain clean lines by selecting only a few pieces of furniture, accessories and colours. “We crave clean and inviting spaces to rest our mind and eyes. It’s important to place limits on what you include in your space,” says Grech. Create a serene space using only a few larger pieces rather than multiple smaller items.

Texture and form are your best friends: To avoid feeling bare or boring, mix texture and form. “Selecting different textures for furniture, rugs, drapery and even art will help add dimension to the room, while still maintaining a simple aesthetic.” While using too many different shapes can throw off a room’s unity, it’s important to introduce a good balance of geometric and organic forms to create visual interest. “An art wall is a great way to play around with form, as picture frames in different sizes and shapes can strike the right balance. Avoid too many different colours to maintain a sense of harmony.”

Go white: White walls and trim are still a go-to for designers. For a warm, timeless white, Grech recommends Simply White OC-117, which is the Colour of the Year for Benjamin Moore. If you crave some colour, use it in your accents or paint your walls a pale tint. For the best results and easy maintenance, use a premium interior latex paint, like Aura Interior. “White is also great for accentuating architectural details which come to light naturally in a clutter free environment. Select a different paint sheen to highlight in a subdued manner.”

More information is available at www.benjaminmoore.ca.


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