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How to have a cheerful Christmas in condoland

Living in a condominium, townhome, or apartment shouldn’t mean that you have to forgo festive holiday decorating. Experts in this field claim that some of this year’s hottest holiday trends come in very small packages. Here, a lot of that legwork is done to help you create your very own Christmas in Condoland.

Interior decorators recommend utilizing as much of your existing home décor as possible. This includes making use of your current colour scheme to achieve a festive impact. Holiday décor is no longer limited to the traditional green and red, many decorations are available in a range of colours that will match or compliment your colour pallet, including neutrals, metallics, and bolder tones. Brighten hanging pictures by swapping the current image with ones that capture a special holiday moment, and attach some evergreen to the top of the frame as an accent. Replace existing accent pillows; throw blankets, bathroom, kitchen and dining linens with ones that are holiday themed. As an added touch; breakout festive dishware and keep it on display throughout the season.

Karen Sortino, a home organization specialist from Lowe’s Home Improvement, suggests that when dealing with a small space; consider using the parameter of your living quarters, rather than cluttering living space by adding décor items that may get in the way. “Hanging wreaths and garlands to walls, window wells and frames is easy to accomplish, and requires no rearranging. Monogrammed hooks can be installed temporarily to hang stockings or wreaths to your walls and mantles, and crystals or ornaments can be dangled from ceilings using ribbon or clear fishing wire.”

Despite all of these options, many people insist that putting up a Christmas tree is essential to fostering holiday spirit. Fortunately, there are many options such as miniature trees (natural or artificial), table top trees, half trees that sit flush against your wall; there are even peel and stick Christmas tree wall decals. For those who have extra space to spare, Sortino says that Lowe’s is selling a beautiful GE 7-foot pre lit Aspen Fir Pencil Tree that measures only 35′ in diameter. If you have a balcony or solarium, consider putting a tree outside and using outdoor lights. This will free up some living space, and will look beautiful when dusted with a light coating of snow.

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