Much like Halloween, the holiday season can be one that’s as traumatic for pets as it is exciting for us. Keep reading for five holiday decorating tips that are four-legged-friend-friendly. 


Opt for Artificial 

While the appeal of a real Christmas tree is non-negotiable for some, keep in mind that pine needles, if ingested, can make your pets sick. An artificial tree is definitely a less risky bet.  


Scale it Down 

A small or mid-sized tree is a wiser choice if you have pets roaming around. The larger and heavier your tree, the more mess and stress it will case should your pet try to climb it when your back is turned. You’ll also want to invest in a sturdy tree base and wall anchors for maximum stability. 


Veer Clear of Tinsel and Glass 

If you’ve ever met a cat in your life, you’ll probably know that they simple can’t resist the temptation of something that dangles, glows, or sparkles. Keep this in mind when choosing decorations for your home.  

Steer clear of tinsel in particular, while can be tempting for your pets to eat, but potentially fatal. 


Try Tinfoil 

Did you know dogs and cats hate the feel of tinfoil under their paws? If necessary, use this fact to your advantage: create a tinfoil barrier around your tree or wrap it around the tree trunk to disused them from playing with or around it. Just make sure to keep an eye out that they aren’t attempting to eat the foil, which could cause dangerous internal perforations down the road.  


Power Down 

Powering down your electricity-powered indoor displays before bed is simply safe practice, pet or no pet. If possible, keep fragile decorations out of reach of your fur babies at all time, but especially at nighttime when they’re more likely to get into trouble sans supervision. 

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