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How to make your holiday tree choice a “green” one

(NC)—Finding the perfect holiday tree is always exciting. Before deciding upon the size, how to decorate it or how to arrange the gifts underneath, one question many Canadians ask themselves is whether to buy an artificial tree or a real one.

To help Canadians choose their best option, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) offers some of the environmental pros and cons of purchasing a real tree versus an artificial tree.

Pros of a real tree:

• Real trees are completely recyclable.

• Many real trees come from a tree farm so they are not taken out of the wilderness. According to Statistics Canada, many species of evergreens are grown in Canada to be sold as Christmas trees*.

• Real trees can be purchased locally, which supports the Canadian economy and cuts down on gas emissions from transportation.

Cons of a real tree:

• Real trees can’t be kept and used again for the next year.

• Many farmers use pesticides on real trees.

Pros of an artificial tree:

• Artificial trees can be used for many years.

Cons of an artificial tree:

• An artificial tree can have a large carbon footprint—they typically aren’t made in Canada, and are often made of petroleum products.

• Artificial trees also can’t be recycled.

Each year, TD FEF works with community organizations to support tree-planting initiatives from coast to coast. In 2010, more than 28,000 trees were planted in 83 communities across Canada through its TD Tree Days program, and more than $300,000 was provided to Canadian municipalities for tree planting initiatives through the TD Green Streets program. For more information on TD FEF, visit www.tdfef.com


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