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How to Pick Out the Perfect Vanity for Your Bathroom

Whether you’re remodeling your existing bathroom or starting from scratch, a vanity is a bathroom must-have. That said, choosing to include a vanity is the easy part. It’s choosing the right vanity, one that suits your space and personal tastes, that you’ll need to focus your energy on.


First, consider the layout of your bathroom.

Use a virtual reality program to experiment with where you might want to put your vanity. In a small space, you’ll have less to choose from in terms of placement options, and the potential that the vanity could end up obstructing doors and traffic flow will increase. Ensure that you will be able to open doors and drawers built into your vanity without striking walls or doors.

Some good questions to ask yourself: Will you be able to sufficiently clean the surrounding areas? Where are your existing pipes and drains located? Will you need to reroute your plumbing to accommodate the placement of your vanity? If so, how much will that cost?



Properly sealed wood veneers, laminates and thermofoil are the most common materials used in vanity construction, given that they stand up well to standard bathroom humidity.


Two sinks or one?

If space isn’t an inhibiting factor, consider personal preference. How many people will be using this bathroom? Two sinks could eliminate some of that inevitable morning controversy when the whole family is fighting to use the bathroom at once. If you find you prefer more counter space, a single sink on a larger console could work better for you.


What are your mounting options?

There are three standard vanity models. The  freestanding model resembles a chest or console. The wall-mounted model  which hovers above the floor, and corner mounted  model,  utilizes dead space and is ideal for a small bathroom.


Should you consider an open vanity?

If you have a small bathroom, consider an open vanity.

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The design of an open vanity allows for light to flow through, making a small bathroom feel much larger. This design allows you to incorporate ductwork as part of the décor, lending an industrial vibe to your space.

Consider what you will be keeping in your vanity. If it’s hair dryers, straightening irons, hot curlers and about three dozen different types of skin and hair products, an open vanity will end up showcasing your clutter.


To DIY or not to DIY …

Do you have basic carpentry and plumbing skills? Then you might be able to pull off this DIY.


And finally, you’ll need to consider what style of vanity you want and how it meshes with the existing décor of your bathroom. Here are some styles to consider:



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