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Q: Our home has vinyl siding in very good condition but the colour is outdated. It seems a shame to replace siding that is still good so I was wondering if it can be painted. – Teresa


Hello Teresa,

With proper care, vinyl siding can last twenty to twenty-five years. If you grow tired of the colour, painting is an economical way to get a new look without replacing the siding! To ensure your paint job will stand up to the test of time, follow these six helpful tips.

WEATHER The weather conditions when you paint can greatly affect your results. Wait for mild temperatures with low humidity and not too much sun.

CLEANING Prep the siding by using a cleaner and cloth or a soft bristled brush to remove mold, mildew, dirt and debris. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse afterwards.

PRIMING It’s a good idea to start with a quality exterior primer, especially if your siding has become slick, glossy or particularly worn down with patches of discolouration. Priming beforehand ensures a longer lifespan for your paint job. Use an acrylic-based primer, as they adhere to almost any surface.

SELECTING PAINT Vinyl siding will expand and contract over time, causing paint to crack. To make sure your paint job lasts, choose an exterior paint specifically designed for vinyl siding like Benjamin Moore’s Regal® Select Exterior REVIVE™.

COLOUR In the past, it was necessary to select a lighter colour that would not absorb heat in order to avoid buckling and warping of the siding. Thanks to modern innovation, there is now more variety and flexibility in terms of colour choices. Benjamin Moore has a variety of exciting “vinyl-safe” colours available that promise to withstand weather and stress.

REGULAR MAINTENANCE To ensure longevity, power wash your siding each spring to prevent detrimental buildup.


Text by Zakiya Kassam


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