Some people just love their cars. They spend hours of the weekend lovingly washing, drying and waxing their pride and joy, keeping it in the best possible nick they can. Some save up for modifications like alloy wheels, spoilers and music systems to make sure their car is the best on the block. However, it doesn’t have to end there, some car enthusiasts go as far as to modify their home in keeping with their love of cars.

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This front room has been cleared out to house the owner’s collection of beautiful cars. Not only are there cars but also several fake gas pumps and many huge fans, installed to keep the cars cool and free of damp.

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This home is perfect for car lovers with its multi functional barn, currently storing nine classic and sports cars. It was built especially to house the cars which now live in better conditions than some people do!

If you have designed your home to fit in with your love of automobiles, what do you do when you want to go on holiday and are forced to stay in a run of the mill hotel room with not a car ornament in site? You stay at the V8 hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, that’s what you do.

This amazing hotel has thirty-four individually designed, car themed rooms, from Mercedes to Morris Minor to Cadillac and all the beds are made from real cars! Even if you aren’t a big car fan this is worth a visit for the sheer wow factor. This is also a great place to visit for inspiration on the next car themed room in your house.

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If you fancy picking up some auto inspired furniture there are some great retailers available online. Some specialise in sofas which look like the front or back ends of well known American cars and can really command a room. Starting upwards of about £500 they are about the price of a normal sofa and a great talking point.

If your budget is a little smaller, but you still want an automobile presence in your home for less than £10 you can buy yourself your very own VW inspired candle holders, or, for something slightly more snazzy, a few pounds more will get you a 14 spoke alloy wheel pencil sharpener. Your friends will be so jealous!

Or, if you’re just looking for great prices on car hire, check out

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