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How to Keep your Christmas Tree Looking its Best

christmas_treeWhen it comes to creating a holiday atmosphere, not much compares with the fresh fragrance and beauty of a real Christmas tree. But like any living thing, it needs the right conditions to thrive. Peter Cantley, garden guru and vice-president Floral & Garden, Loblaw Companies Limited has a few tips to get the most out of your Christmas tree this season.

Choose well

What’s the real secret to a great-looking tree? Choosing well. Start with a quality tree with great form and excellent needle retention, like the PC Fraser Fir Christmas Trees. Lush and long lasting, it will keep going strong throughout the holidays if it’s watered regularly.

Find the best spot

Rule out locations in sunny windows or near heating vents – the direct sunlight and hot air will dry a tree out. Consider a spot where the family hangs out so it brings maximum pleasure.

Make a fresh cut & water

Make a fresh cut on the trunk once the tree is home. Use a saw to take off a half to three-quarters of an inch of the trunk to ensure that the tree will be able to draw in all the water it needs to stay healthy looking. For the first few days, it will need loads of water and then it will slow down. It’s important to give it all the water it needs at the beginning.

Monitor drinking habits

Once a tree dries out, it won’t accept any more water – game over! So make sure things never go that far. Keep an eye on the reservoir to make sure there’s always water present. Consider a stand with a big reservoir because it keeps refilling to a minimum.

To get a President’s Choice Fraser Fir Christmas tree, available in traditional seven to eight foot or six foot tree options that’s ideal for smaller spaces, visit participating Loblaws, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore®, Atlantic Superstore and Provigo stores in Canada.

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