Much like your kitchen gizmos and gadgets, the function of your kitchen island can be manifold, and much like updating your kitchen in general, having an updated kitchen island can have a positive effect on your home’s entire market value. Step up your island’s game with any one these custom features.   


Integrated Appliances 

Survey your kitchen and see what you could use more of. Do you find you don’t have enough freezer room? Consider adding a mini freezer to your island. Do you often entertain large crowds? Maybe a second dishwasher will streamline the cleanup process. Do you love to cook? Perhaps a second set of burners will serve you well.  


A Second Sink 

Anybody who likes to cook will know that there are days when one sink simply isn’t enough. If you’re preparing food for a large crowd, a singular sink can quickly be rendered unusable for it’s intended purpose, especially once piled with dirty dishes. A small second sink on your island is bound to keep you more organized while you meal-prep and cook, and can be particularly helpful if there’s more than one “chef” in the house.  


Extra Storage 

Can you ever really have enough storage? Award yourself a little more via your kitchen island – and don’t restrict this extra space to kitchen-related items only. Opt for open concept shelving in your island and use it to display books, pictures, trophies, and other keepsakes.  


A Retractable Table 

Even if you have an existing kitchen or dining room table, extra table space, come time to entertain, can be a godsend. A retractable table feature will not only allot you this extra dining space, but it can replace your kitchen table completely, freeing up more space in your kitchen when the table is in use.  


A Place for Your Pets 

On a non-cooking-non-eating-related note, your kitchen island can provide the perfect enclosure to stow away pet dishes and other pet-related accessories. Eliminate the risk of knocking over your pet’s water bowl (for the tenth time) during dinner rush, with a kitchen island enclosure, such as this one. 

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