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Let There Be Light

87336HWhen decorating, light is one of the most essential factors to consider when selecting a paint colour for your home. Does your space have natural or artificial light? Is the room north or south facing? Will the time of day affect the way the colour appears?

Colours change under different lighting conditions, so here, Benjamin Moore’s colour and design expert, Sharon Grech, shares her tips on how to create harmony with light and colour:

Consider the source: There are three primary sources of light: direct sunlight, indirect sunlight and artificial light. While natural light is the most “true” light with balanced warmth and cool undertones, not all spaces have floor to ceiling windows. Colours can change under various lighting conditions, can be affected by the direction your room is facing, and can appear differently depending on where you live.

“If your room faces north, the light tends to be cool,” Grech explains. “I recommend counter balancing with a warmer wall colour like Muslin CC-110 or Guilford Green HC-116. “If your space faces south, the light will likely be warm and intense around noon. A popular mid-tone such as Thunder AF-685 will look fresh throughout the day and rich in the evening.” When it comes to artificial light, each type of lighting, whether LED, fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent, can impact the way a colour is perceived. Decorating with various types of lighting is a good way to create a balanced atmosphere.

Test drive: Be sure to test out the colour before you commit. Avoid costly mistakes by viewing your colour options at home with a paint chip or paint sample. Using a bristle or sponge brush, apply two coats of your colour sample on the wall and allow it to dry for two hours for a true representation of the colour. Ask yourself what time of day you’ll likely be spending the most time in the space, and make your colour selection at that time of the day.

Select a sheen: The finish you choose can play a major role in adding depth and texture to your space. It can determine how vivid details appear and how easy the surface will be to clean. “High gloss will create a glare, an element to consider if you are painting outdoors or in a space with intense lighting. For a clean and crisp design, contrast gloss trim with a matte finish on the walls,” explains Grech. For best results, she recommends a high-quality latex paint like Aura that is available in a variety of finishes and features exclusive colour lock technology.

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