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Lunch can be nutritious even if strapped for time

64365H(NC)—According to a recent survey commissioned by Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers, one-in-five employed Canadians would rather use their lunch hour to attend appointments and run errands than eat lunch.  It seems Canadians are too busy multitasking to enjoy their lunch break.

Lunch is the fuel that powers us through half our day and is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some easy tips to help ensure you have a healthy meal without creating chaos in your schedule:

•    Bring leftovers from home: when preparing dinner, plan ahead and make extra servings that can be easily wrapped and packed for weekday lunches.

•    Stock your freezer with frozen meals: visit the frozen food aisle and stock up on convenient frozen entrées.  Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers are a great option because they are a source of fibre and protein, contain at least one serving of vegetables and have no artificial flavours.

•    Plan ahead: before heading to bed for the night, take a few minutes to plan a nutritious, well-balanced meal for the next day’s lunch hour.

•    Maintain a healthy snack stash: keep a stash of pre-cut vegetables and ready-to-eat fruit on hand for snacking when you’re in a pinch.  These nutritious snacks will tide you over until you can find time for a proper lunch.

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