86324HFinding storage solutions to organize a home can be a daunting task, whether it’s for a small condo closet or a spacious family room filled with toys.  These simple DIY tips will overhaul key areas in the home to give you a more efficient space from top to bottom.

Closet Organization

“Chances are if you can’t see an item of clothing in that crammed space, you aren’t likely to wear it,” says a local Home Depot associate. Instead, use a closet kit that includes hanging rods, shelving and hardware for an easy DIY installation that will upgrade any walk-in or reach-in closet.

Leverage vertical space for small closets by hanging double rods for shorter garments.  Wire shelves are a good addition to hold clothing and other linens, allowing air to pass through so fabrics can breathe, and ultimately last longer.

Laundry Solutions

Two large machines are enough to monopolize the space in a laundry room, so well-placed storage solutions are key. Associates at Home Depot recommend hanging a wall cabinet above your laundry machines to store detergent and other products that need to be out of reach of children and pets.

If you own a front load laundry pair, install work surfaces on top that include handy pockets to store your cleaning supplies.

Out-of-the-box thinking, like building your own wall-hanging clothes rack that folds out when you need to hang clothes to dry, and snaps back to the wall when not in use, can help for small laundry spaces.

Basement Storage

If you have a finished basement, it can be a great space for the family to enjoy. However, everything a family uses for down time can easily turn into clutter overload.

Consider under-stair shelving to make use of an often-wasted space. Find furniture that serves dual purposes – like a bench for seating that also has room for storage inside. You can tuck away the board games for family game night when they’re not in use.

Never underestimate the power of totes. Clear totes can help you to organize and store items that aren’t in use, and make finding everything easy. Alternatively, opt for totes in colourful or textured versions that can add a punch of personality to open shelving.

More storage solutions are available at www.homedepot.ca.


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