Design by: Mandy Atiyolil, Style Editor


Imagine stepping into a room where every detail revolves around a stunning pair of Sallie White artwork pieces. That’s the essence of this design concept—putting those artworks front and center, making them the undeniable stars of the show.

So, picture this: warm terracotta hues that echo the captivating colors of the paintings. It’s a bold choice, but it’s purposeful. We want that color to enhance the artwork’s presence, not steal its thunder. Instead of overwhelming the space with a rainbow of colors, we’re keeping it focused and intentional.

And to balance out that boldness, we’re bringing in furniture pieces crafted from dark oak. They not only ground the space but also add a sense of coziness that complements the warmth of the terracotta. It’s all about creating a harmonious environment where the artwork can truly shine.

Just imagine yourself in that room—surrounded by captivating art, enveloped in a cozy atmosphere. It’s a space where you can’t help but feel inspired and at ease, all thanks to the thoughtful design that lets the artwork take center stage.

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