DESIGNER RED BARRINUEVO CREATES ADDING LIVING SPACE WITH A STUNNING CONDO BALCONY! – As seen in our 2021 Cottage & Outdoor Living Special Edition – available to download for free today!

Condo Balcony

This condo balcony boasted a huge terrace so we created zones to organize and maximize its function.  We want to make sure that in the end, it will be a functional and beautiful addition to the condo with a Manhattan-inspired, clean and contemporary feel that can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come.

Condo Balcony

I love everything that went into this space but my favorite design element is the black metal screen in a chevron pattern that provided a great backdrop and hid the old brick walls.

Condo Balcony

Red’s Outdoor Design Tips

Plan! Think of how you will use the space before you lay it out. If you don’t have the vision, work with a pro to avoid costly mistakes.

Pick the right finishes. Every element in your outdoor design should gravitate towards the design direction you want to achieve, from stone color, landscape, softscape, your planters and all.  They have to work together aesthetically for it to feel right. Decide on a color palette and an overall feel you want to achieve and choose accordingly.

Photos by West Blue Media

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