Built in the 1980s this home presented a few design challenges. The kitchen and living room were separated by a load bearing wall with a peekaboo partition and the kitchen space was quite small. The homeowners’ vision of a monochromatic design in black and white meant finding a way to use dark finishes while giving the illusion of a larger space. To create a more open feel, partition wall was removed and the remaining structural post was incorporated into the kitchen. The size of an adjacent laundry room was reduced as much as possible to allow for more space in the kitchen, making room for a larger fridge and a full-size pantry.

Integrating white millwork into the living room helped to give a continuous feel to the space. Built-in shelving and media built-ins provide seamless open shelving that carries from the kitchen into the living room. Matte black countertops that are flush to the millwork and push latch cabinetry without visible hardware keeps the look seamless and clean.

As a lover of black and white, this project was a dream for designer Stephanie Hilton, making it easy for her and the homeowners to share a joint vision of what the space would become. When planning a major renovation, a professional designer needs skill in space planning, current trends, materials, fixtures and finishes, as well as new product lines. With the current state of the construction industry and supply chain issues, knowledge of product availability and lead times is crucial in executing a well thought-out and timely renovation. Stephanie suggests, before meeting with your designer, you prepare a wish list of must-haves and would-likes. What works for you in your current kitchen and what doesn’t? Storage is always a priority for homeowners. Ask yourself what do you need to keep in your kitchen and what can be stored elsewhere.

Space Designed by Stephanie Hilton, http://www.stephaniehiltondesign.com

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