A planting kit inspired by mom’s green thumb is the gift that keeps on giving (and growing).

Mother's Day DIY Gift Idea

When it comes to nurturing the young, nobody beats the tender love and care of a mom. Whether it’s babies or begonias, moms seem to have an ingrained sense of what it takes to cultivate life. For this reason and more, plant-centric gifts and DIYs tend to be especially popular in spring. If you’ve already exhausted the plant-ish ideas the internet has to offer, we recommend putting together a custom planting kit that shows that you know exactly what they like. Keep reading to find out how to recreate a planting kit inspired by mom.

The supplies:

The contents of your planting kit will vary depending on what you’re intending mom to grow. Some examples include:

  • Organic mushrooms. Supplies: organic plant-based soil, mushroom spores, spray mister for watering, tray for planting.
  • Baby broccolini. Supplies: balanced potting soil, broccolini seeds, small watering can, pots for planting.
  • String of pearls (succulent). Supplies: sandy soil, water soluble fertilizer, string of pearls stem cutting (for propagating), spray mister for watering, hanging pot for planting.

The instructions:

This is the part where you can get creative. Alongside written instructions for planting, your instructions can double as a card. For the instructions portion, don’t forget to include things like the kind of growing environment the plant would appreciate, how many times a day it should be watered, and a time frame in which you can expect to see results. If they would appreciate it, you can also include a few fun facts about the plant they’re growing or recipes, and if they’re growing something edible. 

The accessories:

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to add an accessory or two, to top your planting kit off and personalize it even further. If mom is crafty, consider including the supplies they would need to recreate this DIY macramé plant hanger. If they are new to gardening or is in need of some new supplies, you can include things like gloves, a kneeler, or a cheeky garden sculpture set.

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