Movie Theatre Popcorn Candy Bowl

Hosting any celebration can cause a lot of stress and mess. For this year’s big game, save your game-time stress for what’s happening on the field, not the party planning. 

Instead of preparing everything yourself, make it a potluck. There are plenty of online tools to organize a potluck, including shared sign-up lists that make sure food, drinks and snacks are covered. 

If you aren’t watching on cable, make sure you have a reliable stream set up for the game. There is nothing like having the game cut out at a pivotal moment. 

If the guests linger after the game, don’t panic, just have a few extra snacks on hand to keep them satisfied. Orville Redenbacher buttery microwaveable popcorn, made without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, is the perfect ingredient to help you put together a quick post-game snack. As a light and simple base, popcorn provides the perfect start to a variety of unique creations. Make a popcorn mix with your favourite toppings or follow the recipe below for a sweet and savoury delight. 

Movie Theatre Popcorn Candy Bowl 

Prep time: 5 minutes 

Cook time: 10 minutes 

Serves: 12 


  • 1 bag (82 g) Orville Redenbacher gourmet buttery microwave popcorn 
  • 7 oz (210 g) chocolate-covered raisins 
  • 6 oz (175 g) gummy bears 
  • 6 oz (175 g) candy-coated chocolate pieces 


  1. Prepare popcorn according to package directions.
  2. Remove all un-popped kernels.
  3. Place popped corn in large bowl. Let cool slightly. 
  4. Add raisins, gummy bears and chocolate pieces.
  5. Toss together and serve immediately. Store remainder in tightly sealed container up to three days. 


Photo credit: Shutterstock.

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