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No Man? No Worries! Celebrate V-Day with These Girl’s Night Out Party Ideas

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to shun V-Day.  It’s about celebrating love, and anybody can do that!  Whether you’re just ending a relationship or a group of girls who just want to have fun, this day of love gives you the perfect excuse to party.  And, party you shall, with these fun ideas.

Un-Lucky In Love Casino Night: If love has dealt an unlucky hand, gather all your “high rollers” together for a night of gambling fun with a Casino party.  From Blackjack to Slot Machines, you can rent everything you need for a night of Vegas fun—or fly there if you really want to do it up big!   Scatter casino chips along the tables, and add special messages with a Vegas place card holder.  It’s just one of the many decorations that guests can also take home as party favors.  But, before they go, let them “cash in” their winnings for items in your “store.”

I’d Rather be Single Than With My Ex! (Ex-orcising party): It’s time to trade in the pity parties and Chunky Monkey ice cream for a new kind of release—and lease on life.  Recognizing that a lot of ladies have discovered that “they can do bad all by themselves,” getting rid of an ex can be a good thing.  Instruct guests to bring old remembrances of their ex-mates, such as stuffed animals, clothing, photos, cards/letters, etc., to be indelicately “discarded” in the manner of your choice at the party.  Have guests share their “Best of the Worst” story and close out the evening with a rousing chorus of the song “I Will Survive” or “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”

I’d Rather be in Debt Than in Love (shopping party): What do girls love to do most?  Shop!  So, gather your best single friends together, go to the closest mall and shop ’til you drop!  Even if you’re just window shopping with the girls, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.  Take a break from shopping and splurge on fast food and yummy junk from the candy store—don’t worry, it’s only for one day.  At the end of the day, settle in for a good chick flick whether at home or at the movies.  And if you decide you want to keep the fun going, turn it into a slumber party.

Relax, Relate, Release Spa Night: Nothing’s better for a Valentine activity with the girls than some good old-fashioned pampering.  Rejuvenate your senses by spending the day at the spa getting a massage, facial and a manicure.  Be adventurous and try something a little different, like a new scrub or a mud bath.  There are bound to be some Valentine’s specials, so treat yourself to something wonderful.

Be Your Own Cupid! Go on…Have a love affair with yourself!  It has been said that “If you don’t love you, how can you expect others to love you.”  So, take Valentine’s Day as a day of self love.  Pamper yourself, treat yourself, improve yourself, empower yourself and just be good to yourself.


Karen Sullen is a copywriter for Favor Affair and author of e-book “Valentine’s Day—It’s Not Just For Couples Anymore!”  Feel free to visit to view a host of party favors, wedding favors and gifts for a variety of functions and also download the e-book for free from the iHost Library.

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