88596hDon’t wait until spring — one of the world’s leading organizational consultants believes that now is the time to take control of your living space.

Marie Kondo, author, entrepreneur, and founder of the acclaimed KonMari method, firmly believes that a streamlined environment is a key ingredient for a balanced, happy life. As part of her involvement in a new book project associated with Activia’s Live #InSync initiative, Kondo shares her perspective on how organization can literally be life-changing.

“I have always believed that an organized life is connected to a balanced mind,” she says. “Deciding to streamline your living space also allows you to put yourself in order. This balance benefits your overall well-being.”

Kondo follows her own advice — despite a hectic schedule that includes frequent worldwide travel and raising a growing family, she cites home organization as a time when she can clear her mind and focus on her well-being.

This commitment to celebrating women’s ability to align their body and mind inspired Kondo to participate as an ambassador in Activia’s Live #InSync initiative. The campaign inspires women to discover how they can feel at one with themselves, be in the moment, and strive for their best every day.

Kondo will curate a book featuring real-life stories from around the globe of how modern women find ways to feel at one with themselves nd convey what it means to Live InSync. Women can submit their stories for consideration until December 31, 2016 by visiting activia.ca.

Kondo, who believes in learning through the experiences of others, is excited to be part of this project. “Reading their stories will be like hearing their voices,” she says. “I look forward to learning from their experience.”


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