Photography By Aaron Vincent Elkaim

The front porch is making a come back! – It seems a bit odd to say because who would ever have thought the front porch went out of fashion but more new homes are designed with large porches and they are important to buyers

The front area of the house is really the transition area of the house as it is a hybrid of the outdoors and the indoors and while it seems strange to say, it is important to create a space in the greenery that is also green. It isn’t difficult to do, simply look for furniture that is made with recycled materials like recycled plastics from the many bottles of water that get consumed in North America. Not only is the furniture very durable but it is also great looking and will last for years. Simply change up the cushions and you have an entirely new looking set for the porch –

Container gardening is also fantastic as it can provide some great focus to the front of the house while defining the entrance way to the space. I think it is great to use indigenous plants as they require less watering and we are sure that they can survive in your small eco system in the country

Accessorize, with the things that you love when you go to the store, and realize that they can be changed next summer. Better yet to use things that are repurposed to create beauty – an older watering can filled with flowers can look fantastic. Iron or recycled plastic urns make a beautiful delineation of the front entrance and can also add grandeur to the front of your home.

While you are out on the new front porch enjoying nature be sure that you also plan to be kind to nature at the same time! It’s not only nice for your neighbours it’s also kind to mother nature! – enjoy the sun–

Text By Glen Peloso


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