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Prepare Backyard Furniture for Endless Summer Fun

86833HWhether you have a garden oasis or an activity filled pool in your back yard, outdoor living has evolved past a picnic table and a few folding chairs. Today you have the option of sunshades, privacy curtains, coffee conversation furniture, outdoor kitchens and decorative pillows. Ultimately the goal is to create a warm and inviting area where you can relax and enjoy the warmer months.

The increased popularity of cushions, throw pillows, curtains, sunshades and umbrellas add beauty and colour to your space, but outdoor fabrics need protection from the sun and rain. Some fabrics have built-in protection which can break down as the material spends more time exposed to the elements. Eventually you will start to notice fading and water absorption.

Since no one likes to sit on a wet cushion, there is something you can do ahead of time. Spray the fabric with a UV retardant formula, like Thompson’s Fabric Seal.

If dirt and stains have become an issue Thompson’s WaterSeal provides a multipurpose cleaning product for fabrics, vinyl furniture, sidings and wood surfaces. Look for their Oxy line, which is bio-degradable and since it won’t freeze, it stores well in the shed, garage or cottage.

Fabric Seal protects all types of outdoor fabrics from rain and UV rays, including:

  • Canvas awnings
  • Tents
  • Umbrellas
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Hammocks
  • Sport, fishing and hunting gear
  • Patio chairs
  • Flags and pendants

Keep your outdoor furniture in tip top shape to ensure your backyard décor stays fabulous all summer.


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