Protect Your Floors – As seen in our Home for the Holidays special edition!



TEXT by Amy Devos, Breezewood Floors

DOOR MATS: To prevent scratches, place mats both outside and inside entrances to reduce the dirt & debris being tracked into your home.

REMOVE SHOES: Place a large area rug near the entrance where guests can place their shoes and prevent the dirt, grit and melting snow from outside being tracked across your floors. Maybe gift your guests some cozy slippers!

BOOT TRAY: These are good to use all year round but especially over the holidays, with more frequent comings & goings and potentially wet and/or snowy weather.

CHRISTMAS TREE: Use a waterproof tree stand mat or a plastic drain tray (commonly used under washing machines) to catch spills when watering the tree and regularly vacuum up dropped tree needles as they can scratch your floors. Avoid sweeping as dragging needles across floor can cause scratches. For fake Christmas trees, place a blanket or towel under the tree stand to keep it from scratching your wood floors.

FELT FURNITURE PADS: Place felt pads on the legs of furniture, especially dining chairs that are moved around a lot during holiday gatherings. Don’t forget to attach felt pads to the legs of any temporary furniture too, such as folding tables and chairs.

CLEAN QUICKLY & FREQUENTLY: Some dirt & debris is bound to get into your home so regularly clean, especially after a gathering, to get rid of grit before it scratches your floor.

CLIP PET’S NAILS: The excitement of guests/visitors can lead to excited pets, jumping and running around. Trim your pet’s nails prior to a holiday gathering to prevent scratches to your hardwood floor.

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