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Protect Your Foundation From Water Damage

Rainwater and melting snow can seriously damage the exterior of your home. While clean, working gutters are your home’s first line of defense, you may not have all the protection you need. The experts at Euramax Canada offer the following tips to keep your family safe and reduce expensive home repairs.

KEEP YOUR FOUNDATION DRY A gutter and downspout system protects your roof, cladding and windows by directing rainwater away from your home and down to the ground – but your foundation may still be damaged by rainwater accumulation. Protect your foundation by with a FLEX-ASpout™ system that diverts water at least two feet from your foundation. Configurable, interchangeable components such downspout adapters, extenders and splash blocks let you create an inexpensive custom solution that will protect each area under your downspouts.

INSPECT REGULARLY Inspect your rainwater protection system each spring and fall. Inspect all gutters, downspouts and FLEX-ASpout™ systems to make sure they are properly installed and clog and leak-free. Check your sump pump to ensure it’s working properly. Walk around your home, checking the foundation for signs of water accumulation or damage. Simple, inexpensive repairs can prevent serious damage, saving you money, time and worry.

PROTECT YOUR GUTTERS Over time, leaves and debris can clog your gutters, allowing rainwater to spill out of the gutter instead of flowing through the downspout. Gutter covers help prevent leaf build, keep rainwater flowing away from your home and decrease gutter maintenance. Select a Euramax Canada gutter cover based on leaf size and level of rainwater protection your home needs.

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