(NC)—Canadians are celebrating important occasions daily; parents throwing children’s birthday parties, couples celebrating anniversaries, executives recognizing corporate successes. Some may pinpoint specific moments in their lives to celebrate, while others may recognize a period of time that was particularly enjoyable.

Regardless of the occasion, one of the greatest ways to honour a special moment is by sharing cherished memories. By looking back at the journey that brought you to the celebration today, you’re sure to kindle past experiences and discover timeless traditions.

Here are five easy and creative tips for celebrating everything from anniversaries to special people. These tips come from Sun-Maid, a leading brand name in raisin bread, who is also gearing up to throw its own 100th anniversary party in December this year:

• Highlight memories with photos and captions in a scrapbook. If you’re not a fan of cutting and pasting, create a digital slideshow with music and videos.

• Prepare a delicious dessert with classic favourite ingredients or if you’re feeling creative, put a modern spin on a traditional dish.

• Give the gift of history by re-telling stories and reminiscing the past in the form of a letter, card, blog or commemorative book.

• Use personalized decorations and entertainment to throw a party or event acknowledging those involved with the milestone. Go the extra mile and decorate office spaces, outside the car, and different rooms in the house!

• Small gestures and acts of kindness like sending a card through the mail or giving something meaningful can turn any occasion into a special milestone.

More information and festive recipe ideas are available online at www.sunmaid.ca.


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