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My Reno Bucket List: How-To Paint A Wall


We all have unfinished business when it comes to home renos and we’re constantly adding items to our reno wish list. Today, we’re going to cross off “painting a room” from our list. Let’s take a look at how the painting pros at General Paint get it done.

Things I need for this DIY:

  • General Paint’s Baseline Primer
  • General Paint’s Interior Breeze (A Waterborne Acrylic Latex Paint)
  • 1-inch or 2-inch Tape
  • 10mm Roller
  • 1-inch or 2-inch Brush
  • Roller Tray
  • Drop Cloths

Step 1 A fresh coat of paint has the power to transform your home. To make your interior painting project go as smoothly as possible, it’s best to prepare the space before beginning. First, clear the room of furniture and remove draperies, wall accessories and hardware. You should also open a window or door to ensure proper ventilation. Finally, cover the floors with drop cloths.

Step 2 Once you have cleared the area, wash down surfaces that will be painted with warm water and a good household detergent. Rinse thoroughly. This will remove soot, grease, smoke and airborne dirt. Then, apply 1-inch or 2-inch tape along the top edge of the baseboards, as well as any door or window frames you will not be painting.

Step 3 Once you’re ready, it’s important to paint a room in the right order to prevent spills or drips in areas you’ve already completed. Follow this order: ceiling, walls, woodwork, trim, and floor.

Step 4 Take the time to ensure that the surface to be painted is coated with the correct primer, like General Paint’s Baseline Primer® Series. Pour enough primer into the paint tray to cover the bottom of the pan. Using a 10mm roller, paint your wall with primer in the shape of an “N.” Use a brush for small areas and trim work.

Step 5 When the primer is completely dry, you are ready for colour. Pour General Paint’s Breeze®, a Waterborne Acrylic Latex Paint into the paint tray and use a clean roller to paint the wall surface in the same “N” shape that was used for the primer.

Step 6 Once the paint has dried, remove the tape from the baseboards by pulling it in a slow downward manner. Your room is now ready to redecorate. Enjoy!

55 010TIP: MAKE YOUR OWN COLOURED CHALKBOARD PAINT! Simply add two tablespoons of unsanded grout to one cup of your favourite paint colour. Mix well and paint any surface for instant chalkboard paint!


As Seen In: Canadian Home Trends Magazine Spring 2014

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