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Ride On These 4 Tips To Achieve Greener Lighting In Your Home!

Global warming is one of the biggest crises facing the planet today. Most of the natural disasters that have occurred in the recent past can be traced to it and there is an urgent need for every person to take their stand in the war against it.

It is quite easy for you to reduce your carbon footprint. Simple habits such as recycling, opting to take a walk to the store every once in a while instead of your car and generally being more careful in how you use resources, will go a long way in saving the environment.

The place where you use the most energy and thus create the largest carbon footprint is within your home, and if you really want to make a difference, you need to address your home energy consumption. One of the simplest ways to do so is by opting for greener lighting. This article gives you tips on how to do just that.

Change your bulbs

It is quite simple but the difference this little exercise will do will amaze even you. The average incandescent light bulb uses up to 70% more energy than CFLs and LED light to produce the same amount of light. This is because up to 90% of the energy consumed by these bulbs is used not to generate light but heat, something you really do not need. This waste heat might actually mean higher A/C costs for you.

A switch to a more energy saving type of bulbs will result in much reduced energy requirements for lighting in your home. Not only will you be doing Mother Nature a favor but your electricity bill will also manifest quite a significant dip as well!

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However, you should note that many homeowners say that they do not like the kind of light emitted by CFLs. If you were looking, to not only go green but have your house looking lovely as well, a more elegant option for your home would be LED lighting.

Switch them off!

Switching off is yet another simple thing that would drastically reduce energy consumption in your house. Always switch off the lights in a room whenever there is no one inside using them. Most people tend to forget to do this and it costs them a lot in terms of energy consumption.

If you just cannot trust yourself or your family members to remember to do this always, consider installing motion detectors in every room, such that the lights automatically go off when the last person leaves it.

Natural lighting

Do you really need to have your light bulb on, when the sun is out and shining bright? Always opt to use natural light whenever possible. Not only is it more economical in terms of energy consumption, it brings life and color to the room. Consider having extra windows installed in rooms that are too dark during the day. Let the sunshine in and you will not regret it!

Solar power

It is always advisable to have good outdoor lighting, not only does it make your home appear more beautiful; it is also a wise security measure. However, outdoor lights consume quite an amount of electricity, which they need not do. Install garden lights that have the ability to harness solar power during the day and use it to generate light at night.

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Another key point to consider when it comes to your outdoor lighting is the fact that most nights those lights will just stay on; consuming your energy, yet no one is using them. Install motion detectors in your garden as well, so that the lights will come on only when they detect motion. In this way, both purposes of outdoor lighting are met, intruders are scared away while the lights go on, and they create a beautiful ambience for your guests in the garden. Over time, you should consider installing solar panels on your roof so that all the energy you use within the house will be clean and sustainable.

There you have it – turning your home into a green zone is as simple as following these simple tips. Put them in practice and you will be able to sleep with a clearer conscience every night!

Chad is a home décor and lighting expert who specializes in helping homeowners choose beautiful light fixtures for their homes.

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