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Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the western world, but it’s also one of the most notorious for recklessness and accidents. Keep your family safe and sound this year and next with some of these safety-conscious tips. 


Designate a Driver 

New Year’s Partying 101: Designate a Driver. If nobody is willing to be the DD, figure out an exit plan ahead of time; be it taking a taxi or calling an Uber. Don’t forget to account for increased fares and longer wait times if you’re relying on cabs or an Uber. 


Pace Yourself 

For anyone planning to drink on New Year’s Eve, keep in mind that it’s a long night so drinking too much right off the bat might end up backfiring. Our bodies tend to absorb alcohol faster than we can metabolize it and it takes roughly an hour for the liver to metabolize just one drink. Use the one hour timeframe as a guideline throughout the night and try to keep your alcohol consumption to roughly one drink per hour. 



As a rule of thumb, never drink on an empty stomach and if you aren’t able to fit in a meal before the festivities begin, supplement with plenty of snacks. Protein-packed snacks are best, but fatty carbs, which tend to be more readily available in party settings, will do the trick too! 


Stay Home 

What’s the best way to avoid drunk driving-related accidents? Don’t drive or keep the driving to a minimum. The unfortunate reality is, a good portion of New Year’s Eve fatalities involve innocent third parties, so a good way to mitigate the risk is by staying close to home. 

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