Whether you’re a DIY-er or an online shopper, there’s definite value in decorating with salvage. Though the concept may not seem glamorous at first blush, furniture and accessories curated from salvaged materials can be as chic as they are unique and eco-friendly. Rescue a log, a door knob, or a forlorn shelf of drawers with these DIYs. 


Cracked Log Lamps 

Artist, Duncan Meerding, designed these rustically-inspired log lamps with a rather grand theme in mind: embracing nature’s blatant imperfections; (which is a theme we can really get behind!) 

Photo Source: duncanmeerding.bigcartel.com

Click Here to read more about these log lamps  or Here to shop it.


Herbal Door Knobs 

Speaking of imperfect, how about these tarnished doorknobs. Salvage DIYs are all about renewing purpose, and we love that this DIY-er did so in such an unconventional and unexpected way.  

Photo Source: littlerustedladle.com

What you’ll need: herbs, twine, old door knobs 

Click Here for details and instructions.


Dresser Drawer Planters 

The ways in which you can DIY a planter are seemingly endless, and with a balmy planting season underway, it’s never too late to get DIY-ing.  

Photo Source: mylove2create.com

What you’ll need: dresser drawers, chair spindles, wood scrap, wood filler or spackle, Gorilla Glue, jigsaw, nail gun, nails, drill 

Click Here for details and instructions.


Succulent Toy Trucks 

Have I mentioned that the ways in which you can DIY a planter are seemingly endless? For more unexpected repurposed pot and planter ideas, click here.

Photo Source: whatsurhomestory.com

What you’ll need: toy trucks or cars, take out container, assorted succulents, rocks, drill 

Click Here for details and instructions.


Boat Seating 

William Lloyd encapsulated the true spirit of salvaging, with this beautiful boat seating project. According to his website, Lloyn strives to “marry creativity with practicality.” via his design ventures.  

Photo Source: williamlloyd.co.uk

Click Here to read more about William Lloyd’s boat seating  or Here to shop it.

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