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Seasonal décor ideas for condominiums

65256H(NC)—Holiday decorating in a small space can be challenging, especially when you are unable to fit a tree or other large décor items in your unit, or if your condominium corporation prohibits the use of real Christmas trees due to fire regulations.
While it may be tempting to “deck the halls” of your condominium, there are fire-risks you need to be mindful of. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego traditional décor during the holiday season. There are comparable alternatives that can make the urban dwelling look just as festive as the suburban home. For example,

• Use an artificial tree. It’s just as much fun to decorate, much easier to put away later and very eco-chic!
• Be mindful of candles – don’t place them too close to decorations, garland or your tree.
• Re-purpose your tree ornaments and hang them elsewhere.  If sized appropriately, hang them from a windowsill or arrange in a clear glass bowl as a centrepiece.
• Hang a real or artificial wreath on your window or interior door.  Even a little bit of greenery will go a long way.
• Trim your indoor windows with LED interior lights to add a bit of sparkle to your space.

Given that condo-owners may be decorating their homes for the holidays (or their neighbours may be decorating theirs), it’s a good time to also evaluate your property insurance in light of the increased risk.
Most condo owners are under the misperception that property damage in their condo is covered by the condo corporation’s insurance, which is often not true. Irene Bianchi, Vice President of Claims & Corporate Services at RSA Canada, recommends that condo dwellers talk to an insurance broker about what their condo corporation covers and how vulnerable their individual unit may be, especially if they plan to use a real tree over the holidays and it is permitted by their condominium board.  A list of qualified insurance brokers can be found through the broker locator tool on

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