Q Can you recommend a sheet set that isn’t going to become rough and grainy after a few washings?

A There is nothing quite as annoying as pulling your beautiful new sheets out of the dryer and discovering they’ve developed a rough, grainy texture. This is called pilling and is caused by small threads coming loose in the wash. Choosing the right material and thread count is the best way to avoid this issue. The most durable material choice is Egyptian Cotton which is grown on the borders of the River Nile where the perfect atmosphere and climate exists to grow cotton plants with long staples. These longer staples mean that Egyptian Cotton sheets will be stronger, less likely to pill and longer lasting than other cotton sheets with shorter staples that can pill easily. As far as thread count, it is a common misconception that a higher thread count means better quality. Actually, sheets with a higher thread count often use cotton yarns with a shorter staple, which means they will be more likely to pill and develop a rough texture after washing. A high quality Egyptian Cotton sheet should have a thread count between 300-400. One of our favorites is the 350CT Egyptian Cotton sheets from St. Pierre Home Fashions Collection that come in fourteen gorgeous colors and remain luxurious and smooth even after multiple washes!


David Saini, David’s Fine Linens

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