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Storage is far from a one-size-fits-all affair. Whether we are talking about our closets or even the lockers we had in grade school, it can often be a struggle to organize our belongings properly within the constraints of a cookie cutter allotment. The same goes for our kitchen cabinets. We leaf through catalogues, scour the internet, and spend hours shopping, all in an effort to select stools, sink ware and appliances that suit our specific needs – yet we settle for generic kitchen storage. Given that storage is an inarguably important element of any kitchen’s appeal, investing in your cabinetry should be a priority.


Your cabinets should suit your specific storage needs, and a great way to ensure that is with custom cabinetry. With custom cabinetry, you have the flexibility to customize things like:


  1. Size. The size of your kitchen itself is the first thing you want to consider when deciding how much cabinetry you want. While you want to ensure you have enough storage space available, too much cabinetry can end up seriously impeding your kitchen’s function. Special features can end up saving you a lot of space.
  1. Layout. Depending on your kitchen’s layout, you may be able to utilize dead space with cabinetry.
  1. Materials. Most cabinetry is made of one of the following types of wood: red oak, white oak, hard maple, hickory, cherry, birch, ash, pine. Wood can be costly and stands the chance of warping over time. Alternatively, there are manufactured wood products on the market, like particle board, plywood and fibreboard. You’ll want to consider things like wood grain and colour, in addition to wood hardness and  how it will stand up to moisture and humidity. Compare the cost and durability of the different choices.
  1. Styles. The shaker cabinet is the most common cabinet found in kitchens today. Alternative styles are louvered cabinetry,( which have vertical shutter-like slats for ventilation). Flat cabinetry,( which are void of any detailing and blend together almost like a wall).  Inset cabinetry,( where the door is set inside the cabinet frame). Special features, like Lazy Susans, built in utensil dividers, and swing out doors, are among the countless features you can add to make your kitchen your dream come true.
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