Holidays & Entertaining Home & Decor

Simple Ways to Avoid Holiday Chaos

8.Despite your best intentions, you’ve left your shopping until the last minute.  You could be facing a high-stress drive to the mall in heavy traffic this weekend, only to cool your heels in the lengthy lineups.

Here are five ways to simplify your shopping, while still giving meaningful gifts:


  1. Go on a baking blitz: Many people don’t want a large gift – it’s the thought that counts. Everyone loves home baked goodies, so put together an assortment of treats to please every sweet tooth.
  2. Host an easy get-together: You don’t have to transform your entire home when hosting your next party. Clean the main room and bathroom, buy some wine and a few specialty cheeses and crackers, and you’re set to have a few people over on a weeknight.
  3. Give group gifts: Cut a shopping list considerably by buying for groups, not individuals. Think of your friends, colleagues, or one whole side of your family. Choose something meaningful, like a charity gift of “Two Hens and a Rooster” through the World Vision Gift Catalogue.
  4. Choose and write personal cards: Nothing says love like a card chosen especially for the person opening the envelope. Plan and write a message from the heart, about what the person means to you or an experience you’ve shared together this year.
  5. Plan a January event: Give the gift of something to look forward to. Whether you invite girlfriends to a spa night at your house, or neighbourhood families to skating and hot chocolate, your friends will be happy for an outing once the calendar is empty again.

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