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Smart House: 5 Thoughtful Design Ideas to Raise Your Home’s I.Q.

85529HDo you remember the first time you met that “out of this world” family, the Jetsons?  While we may not have flying cars or robot maids just yet, the idea of a “smart home” is very real.  Take a step closer to this futuristic way of life with these five thoughtful additions that can go a long way in boosting the intelligence of your home.

The kitchen is the hub of the home and it sees a lot more than just meal prep and dinner time.  From homework, to paying bills and a spot for casual conversation, your family is expecting more from this already hard-working space.  According to a recent research study by Moen, the kitchen is the number one room in the house where homeowners would like to incorporate technology.

  1. Tablets and smart phones likely end up on the kitchen counter − the Moen study found that one-third of respondents charge their devices in the kitchen. This task can be simple and cord-free with products like new Corian countertops from DuPont featuring wireless chargers that are seamlessly embedded into the counter surface. Not in the market for new countertops?  A simple docking and charging station will create a home for your devices. Look for one with a built-in USB power strip to maximize the number you can charge at once.  A central spot for electronics will keep them out of the way, but also easily accessible.
  2. At the top of consumers’ tech wish list for the kitchen is a hands-free faucet. Imagine the convenience of having a faucet that can sense what you’re trying to accomplish, and with a simple wave of your hand, immediately responds to your needs. The slim and sleek new STō pulldown faucet with MotionSense from Moen does just that, offering you three ways to operate the faucet. In addition to the traditional handle, you can activate it by using the Wave Sensor – by waving your hand to turn it on and off – or the Ready Sensor – by placing your hands or an object under the spout.  Now your faucet can intuitively respond to your every need, while adding superior style to the sink.
  3. Worried about what your appliances are up to when you’re away from home? Whirlpool Smart Appliances with 6th Sense Live technology allow consumers to access appliances remotely from a smartphone. Now you can have control in the palm of your hand. You can manage the refrigerator temperature, lock the dishwasher control console and see when the washer cycle is complete, all from a connected application on a smart device.
  4. Do you love jamming out to your favourite playlist while working around the house? Long gone are the days of shuttling your stereo system from room to room. Instead, let the Sonos smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components unite your digital music collection. You can control what’s streaming from any device, and the music can be heard in any room.
  5. Think being able to switch up the lighting is a big deal? Think again. New smart LED lightbulbs can become any colour or brightness level at any time you like.  And best of all, they can be controlled by your smart phone.  The ability to customize colour can radically improve a room’s appearance and your state of mind.  By optimizing your lighting for your activities in the room — reading, working, relaxing, entertaining and more — you can actually enjoy your home more, all at the touch of a smart phone button.

Have the smartest home in the neighbourhood by embracing these simple, smart technologies.

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