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Solutions & Substitutions Column for June 26th, 2010

Text by: Reena Nerbas

Fabulous Tips Submitted by Attendees at The 2010 Western Farm Progress Show

1. To keep potato bugs away, slice an onion in ten pieces. As you plant potatoes, place one onion slice next to each potato seed. The sulfur in onions is drawn into the potato plant therefore bugs smell the onion odor and stay away. Submitted by: Gilbert Fischer

2. Cook perfect hard boiled eggs. Place eggs in saucepan. Bring to a boil and boil for seven minutes. Submerse in ice cold water and peel under cold water. Submitted by: Darren

3. Ever had a mosquito bite? Soothe the itch by applying lavender essential oil to the bite. The itch will stop immediately. Lavender essential oils are available at most health food stores. Submitted by: Lori
Extra Hint: Lavender oil also soothes mild burns.

4. I enjoy your column very much and cut it out every week. I’ve used many of your solutions over the years but I think I have an even easier one for the dents left in carpets when heavy furniture is moved. I wring out a hand towel in warm water, lay it over the dents and press down on the towel with a hot iron, being careful not to touch the carpet itself. It works like magic with no scraping or “lifting” needed that might damage the fibers. Keep up the good work. Submitted by: Barb

5. Clothing hooks tend to make holes in fabrics. Prevent this by cutting a slit in a small rubber ball. Slip the ball over the hook. Fabrics will no longer be able to push through and damage clothing. Submitted by: Tanya

6. To make great sugar cookies make sure that the butter that you are using is not too soft. If the butter is too soft, your cookies will be greasy, and if it is too cold, they’ll seem like lead weights. Start with evenly softened butter, by taking it out of the refrigerator and waiting. Soften butter in a temperate environment until it yields gently to pressure; for faster results, cut the butter into even sized pieces and spread them out. Submitted by: Jordan

7. Keep deer out of the yard by pushing fabric softener sheets into the soil around trees and bushes. Deer do not like the fragrant smell and will stay away. Submitted by: Brent

8. If you ever find yourself facing a wrinkled leather garment, hang the leather garment in the bathroom. Turn the shower water on hot. Let the steam work out the wrinkles. Lay the garment on a flat surface, such as a bed. Smooth the leather with your hands. Submitted by: Camea

9. An easy solution for threading a needle. Apply hairspray to the thread, let it dry, and it will stiffen enough to pass through the eye. Submitted by: Morley

10. For screw holes that have been stripped. Poke half a toothpick into the hole. Then put the screw into the hole and use a screwdriver to secure. Submitted by: Garry

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I enjoy your questions and tips, keep them coming!

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